Since 2001, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER have created a musical brute that embraces all the finest qualities of melodic death metal yet does not shackle them, giving them room to constantly evolve and grow. The latest album Nightbringers released in 2017, delivers a punishing and cutthroat form of melodic death metal with a searing visceral intensity. THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER continue to inflict a cavalcade of riffs to the table, upping the stakes in technicality, melody, and sheer blunt force trauma.
Australia & New Zealand fans beware, they are on a mission to tear your soul apart.
Like a bulldozer ramming down a rollercoaster, ABORTED return to Australia to smash bodies without remorse, warning, or regret. Emerging from Belgium in 1995, ABORTED have crunched their way through nine full length albums playing a brand of death metal fashioned in hate, and forged with carnage in mind.
With a unique blend of death, groove and tech metal, soaked in political and social commentary, Melbourne based ZEOLITE have earned the job of getting the wrecking ball swinging.
With the ferocity of The Black Dahlia Murder and the sledgehammer force of Aborted, this ‘Nightbringers‘ tour is going to pack far more than a punch to your chops. Tickets on sale now!!!
The Black Dahlia Murder, Aborted and Zeolite
‘NIGHTBRINGERS’ Australian Tour
September 21 – 30, 2018
Sept 21st – Perth, The Hell Hole
Sept 22nd – Adelaide, Fowler’s (The New Dead Metalfest)
Sept 23rd – Melbourne, Max Watt’s
Sept 24th – Hobart, Brisbane Hotel
Sept 25th – Newcastle, The Cambridge
Sept 26th – Canberra, The Basement
Sept 27th – Sydney, The Factory
Sept 28th – Brisbane, Crowbar
Tickets available from:
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