Australian tech death metal band Hadal Maw will release their new EP Charlatan worldwide on August 3rd!!

The EP will be available to preorder from Friday June 22nd on all digital providers or physical copies at

Sam Dillon (vocalist) states –

We are witness to the rise of the Charlatan. Through the perfecting of lies and preservation of myth the serpents have come to power, we are beneath their pulpit. A vicious collection of anthems addressing the result of relinquishing to fear and those corrupt enough to peddle it.
Charlatan tracklisting –
1. Idolatry
2. Villified
3. White Elephant
4. Charlatan I: The Grand Serpent
5. Charlatan II: Fervent Beasts

To coincide with the upcoming EP news, Hadal Maw have unleashed the first single Idolatry!!


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