Deathcore band Lorna Shore has addressed the departure of vocalist Tom Barber, who has exited the group after eight years to join Chelsea Grin.

Lorna Shore had the following to say –

“A chapter of this band has been shut forever. However, our story has just began to unfold. There is no way we could ever turn our backs on the people who have made this band who we are. Our loyal fanbase across the globe. Be ready for the new era. We aren’t going anywhere”

Tom Barber has also posted a short statement explaining he’s no longer a member of Lorna Shore – 
“I know you all have some questions but I’m gonna keep this short and sweet! I love anyone who has supported me over the years with my musical endeavors your support has kept me from dark times and for that I am forever grateful, Lorna shore will always be one of my greatest feats I have done in my life but like all things people grow and people grow apart and I no longer felt a calling for Lorna I wish them the best in all they do! Their vocalist they have lined up will continue to deliver the Lorna sound you grew with over the years! This is a new era for me join me or not the empire will only grow.”

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