Hardcore/crossover metal band Homewrecker has debuted a new single titled Fade To Oblivion.

The track comes from the band’s upcoming album Hell, which is available April 27 through Good Fight Records.

The band states –
“This song is like a summary of what the album is trying to portray by including the elements of hardcore and punk into the main theme of metal.”

Hell is Here Now track listing –
01. “Burden of Self”
02. “One with Torment”
03. “Bound by Validation”
04. “Fade to Oblivion”
05. “Constant Eyes”
06. “Buried and Suffering”
07. “Land of the Damned”
08. “Rope of Skin”
09. “Growing From Nothing”
10. “Demons in Disguise”
11. “Final Rest”
12. “Perpetrators”

Pre orders available here –


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