Earlier this week Lamb Of God began teasing an announcement related to their original incarnation, Burn The Priest.

After several days of speculation, Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe set the record straight during an episode of his Gimmie Radio show.

Burn The Priest will release Legion: XX, a covers album honoring some of the band’s influences. The album was produced by Josh WIlbur (Lamb Of God, Gojira) and will arrive on May 18 through Epic Records.

Guitarist Mark Morton commented –

“To truly understand the essence of the band Burn The Priest, one must first consider the landscape in which it began: the mid-90s. Grunge and alternative music ruled the airwaves. Social media and the internet had yet to assume their role as our collective sources for entertainment and cultural exchange. It was a time when DIY ‘zines turned us onto new bands and regional scenes, and ‘copy and paste’ still implied a print shop and a glue stick.

As our sound and songs developed, so did our goals… we began playing basement parties and warehouse shows and in doing so, we realized that the energy we were creating was transferable. The shows we played in those squats and warehouses [in Philadelphia] and the people we met there are forever embedded in our collective consciousness and the DNA of our band.”

Legion: XX tracklisting –

01. Inherit The Earth (The Accused)
02. Honey Bucket (Melvins)
03. Kerosene (Big Black)
04. Kill Yourself (S.O.D.)
05. I Against I (Bad Brains)
06. Axis Rot (Sliang Laos)
07. Jesus Built My Hotrod (Ministry)
08. One Voice (Agnostic Front)
09. Dine Alone (Quicksand)
10. We Gotta Know (Cro-Mags)

Pre orders available here –


To coincide with the album news, the band’s cover of The Accused track Inherit The Earth can be heard below!!

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