Andrew WK is on the verge of releasing his first rock n roll album in 12 years. You’re Not Alone our March 2nd via Sony.

Andrew WK released the debut single Music Is Worth Living For last week, It’s exactly what you expect for the party hard man. A party rager, a get off you feet and rock song.

It’s also apparently a song that might make you speed in the car. As fan Luke Mitchell found out. Mitchell took to Twitter to talk about getting a speeding ticket whilst listening to the track. A £100 (roughly $180aus) fine to be exact!

Andrew WK responded that Mitchell should “DM him and he’d take care of whatever the fine was”.

No seriously he did?!? Andrew WK once again helping everybody!! Andrew WK once again proving he is awesome!! It’s almost certain that there aren’t that many well-known musicians out there who’d ever make an offer like this one.

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